The Calisson

The perfect association of two exceptional products: candied fruit, our specialty for five generations. A preserved quality which allows us to sublimate the aromas and guarantees to our calissons an exceptional texture and taste. Mixed with almonds selected in the best orchards to make this typically Provencal confectionery. In our absolute quest for quality, we become farmers and planted in winter 2016 some 2150 almond trees around our factory. The real calisson of Provence, stubbornly !

1. Selection

Almond and candied melon. The work of a jeweler begins here… A real beautiful French almond selected by Sud Amandes. A luxury that makes all the difference. A melon candied by us in the rules of art and some orange peels candied to reveal the melon by their fine acidity. Essential ingredient, it must represent 50% of the composition of the paste.

2. Griding

A whole hulled almond, crushed with the candied melon by granite cylinders. The almond is thus crushed, its aromas are diffused, immediately captured by the melon. The grain of almond obtained gives an identity to the paste, a strength in mouth, a memory. The raw paste is enriched with the syrup of our candied melons.

3. Shaping

Then comes the incompressible resting time of 48 hours minimum during which all the expression of the calisson appears. Then comes the shaping, this phase where everything takes shape in a few turns of the hand, this moment when the calisson finally takes shape and comes out of these metal plates, completely shaped, ready to be glazed.

4. Glazing

A brilliant glaze, an Ostia leaf, a diamond shape. We taste the calisson by the crunching of the white sugar, then the paste covers the palate, long in mouth, balanced, divine. Traditional or ginger, mini calisson or calisson paste, the success of this sweet mixture depends on the balance of these aromas.



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