The Jam

Family typicity since forever!

Only a candied fruits Maker can have such an increadible imagination to create jam with candied fruits. A jouney in the absolut savoriness. A regression in the absolute greediness, or the simple pleasure to spread on a slice of good bread this dripping nectar. Jams “all fruits” and “candied apricots” followed a more traditional range, that I say, absolutely traditional where only the fruit meets the sugar, without anything else, no artifice, just the real jam!

Our Candied Fruit Jam

A creation of Marius Lilamand. A “fancy” jam that travels from generation to generation, changing its packaging but not its recipe. Originally in its metal box, until 1990 when we dress it in glass to let the fruit appear inside. A revolution! Today presented in a sophisticated glass case, it has not yet said its last word!



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