“Traditional” Calissons -Diamond-shape boxes


This pastry was introduced in Provence at the XV century, at the King Rene’s court. The recipe is based on a mix of almonds and candied fruits. We have been making our Calisson in the traditional way since 5 generations.

Conditions of preservation: in a dry and cool place, protected from air, stored at room temperature (between 10° and 20°).


The perfect match between two high quality products : candied fruits, our speciality since 5 generation and almonds from provencal orchard. That guarantee to our calissons an exceptional texture and taste.

In 2016, we have decided to become a farmer and to grow our own almond trees. Nowadays, we run 2150 almonds trees located around our factory. The traditionnal Calisson of Provence !


Ingredients : Almonds, Melon and orange candied fruits (fruits, sugar, glucose syrup)

Presevative : Sorbique acid May contain traces of sulfite, dried egg white, Wafer (potato starch, sunflower oil).

Nutrition Facts-Serving size: 100 gr

  • .
  • Total fat : 24g
  • Saturated fat : 2,2g
  • Glucides : 53g
  • Sugar : 40g
  • Protein : 8,8g
  • Salt : <0,5g