Chocolate Olives


Chocolate candies made of almonds from Provence, coated with a layer of dark chocolate then a layer of white chocolate, tinted with different colors of green and black reconstituting the cameo of natural olives.

The Chocolate Olives

We warned you with the Chocolate Almonds!

It will be the same result!

  • Candied fruits – Cristal boxes


    A simple and elegant case for our selection of candied fruits in 200g, 300g, and 500g.

    These cristal boxes have a fix composition and cannot be suject to change.

    Conditions of preservation:  in a dry and cool place, protected from air, stored at room temperature (between 10° and 20°)


  • Quince paste


    The authentic taste of childhood, made according to the Justin Lilamand’s recipe. Traditional individual portions: sweet sticks of 30g.

    BOXE OF 250g