• Quince paste


    The authentic taste of childhood, made according to the Justin Lilamand’s recipe. Traditional individual portions: sweet sticks of 30g.

    BOXE OF 250g
  • Whole natural Almonds


    In limited edition, discover the whole almonds of our orchards! For all your pastries, your dishes… to be crushed or whole… You will be surprised by the authentic taste of the almond of Provence – variety Lauranne.

    POT of 175 g

  • Fruit pastes


    Mixture of 10 flavors of pure fruit pastes, true products of exception.

    Flavors: Apricot, Morello cherry, strawberry, raspberry, mango, black currant, white fig, passion fruit, green apple, orange.

  • Chocolate almonds


    Almond of Provence coated with a thin layer of nougatine flavored with Bourbon vanilla without forgetting its layer of dark chocolate sprinkled with cocoa.

  • Chocolate Olives


    Chocolate candies made of almonds from Provence, coated with a layer of dark chocolate then a layer of white chocolate, tinted with different colors of green and black reconstituting the cameo of natural olives.

  • Hard Candies


    Ces Berlingots sont élaborés dans la plus pure tradition par un Maître Confiseur de Carpentras, avec qui nous travaillons en étroite collaboration depuis 3 générations.

    POT DE 300G