“Traditional” Calisson Cream


Calisson paste and candied melon syrup for a “traditional” Calisson cream to spread or to taste with a spoon.


The Calisson Cream

A calisson is composed of a mixture of almonds and candied fruits finely crushed, with syrup of candied melon, those posed on a sheet of host and heightened by a royal icing.

But if we use only this mixture of almonds and candied fruit, and increase the amount of candied melon syrup in this preparation, we obtain this delicious calisson cream, smooth and delicious!

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• Almonds
• Candied melon and orange
• Candied melon syrup (fruit, sugar, glucose syrup). Preservative: E200. May contain traces of sulfite.

Nutrition Facts-Serving size: 100 gr

  • .
  • Total fat : 13g
  • Saturated fat : 1,2g
  • Glucides : 63g
  • Sugar : 44g
  • Protein : 4,9g
  • Salt : <0,5g